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  • The hygienist was great and very thorough with my cleaning but missed Sherry as she has cleaned my teeth before! Hope to have Sherry next time! If not, then anyone as I never had a problem! As always, Procare Dentistry is the best and I wouldn't go anywhere else!! Thanks!

    - , Boynton Beach -

  • Once again, a great job by Dr. Allen, and her staff! Keep up the excellent work!

    - , Boynton Beach -

  • Knowegeable, caring dentistry. I guess caring in the name means something

    I have been going to Dr. Allen for several years now. While some of the faces have changed, Dr. Allen's has not, and neither has the high level of care I'm used to. I like that Dr. Allen tells me what I need. A few times I thought I needed more, but with her inter or intra (I forget) oral cameras I was shown what was going on and that I wasn't as bad as I thought, but not as great as I hoped. It's refreshing that you get what you need and have someone explaining it to you in terms I understand. Law, I understand, dental terms, not so much. Great office.

    - , -