Dental Tips For A Healthy Halloween


Now that Halloween is just around the corner, stories about witches and ghouls are resurfacing to scare our festive spirits away, but spooky ghosts and clowns aren’t the only ones we all have to be afraid of!

What is probably one of the most awaited holidays of the year can turn into a literal nightmare if we wouldn’t be careful. Candies and chocolates are overflowing from the houses we all would be knocking upon during our trick-or-treat celebrations, and if we wouldn’t be too careful, they would definitely cause a toll to our health conditions.

As we all have been regularly advised of since we were children, we have to brush our teeth after every meal. But not this time. When there is an increase in our sugar intake, it also means that the contents that can be left behind and stuck in between our teeth increases just as much. Water alone won’t be able to wash them down, and the risk for tooth decay and gum problems would pose eventual destruction of our oral health. So, we have to remember that for every session of eating all those delicious sweets, we also have to clean our teeth just as regularly.

And yet brushing is not the only solution. Sticky caramels and various types of chewy candy also tend to get in between teeth crevices, and if this continues for an extended amount of time, a build up of viruses and bacteria could happen. This could eventually lead for an individual to have dental plaques due to the change of the chemical environment in the mouth, and if left untreated, might even lead to a tooth being extracted.

Now, no one wants that so to avoid such a dilemma, it would be particularly helpful if flossing would be added into the solution. However, some people might find it hard or tedious to reach to the back portions of the mouth just to floss, but ProCare Dentistry will always be there to help should tips be needed for that method. Alternatively, there are numerous instructional videos or manuals that can be found on the internet, and these are usually free as well so there should be no excuses to not try.

Still, pesky and unseen candy fragments or bacteria can remain even after brushing or flossing. This is where mouthwash products come in. As a final step to a good oral care, a measured amount of it would be able to get rid of the rest of the particles left in the mouth. Don’t forget to spit it out after gurgling it around your mouth and throat! Also make sure that only the right amount would be used, as too much mouthwash might lead to a dry mouth, which would eventually be one of the main causes of bad breath. And as much as possible, use only those products which are alcohol-free.

So this Halloween season, enjoy the treats and welcome even the tricks, but don’t forget to take care of your teeth. Who knows next year, you might be the one doing the scaring, but only because your two front teeth have gone missing.

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