When you visit an exceptional dental clinic like Pro Care Dentistry, you will be seen by one of our dentists. These healthcare professionals treat their clients like family, and their dentist office like a second home. We strive for ultimate comfort and support during your visit, where we will take care of any oral problem you may encounter, or just perform your regularly scheduled cleaning! Your oral health is our top priority, and we are eager to answer any questions you have and demonstrate our dedication to patients like you in the Briny Breezes Florida area.

Dentistry for Children is more than just a practice, it is our passion. A child’s dentist plays a crucial role in preventative care. A good kid’s dentist can establish interest in personal care and keep children excited about coming to keep their teeth strong and healthy! Comfort, compassion, and patience, is what our dentists here at Pro Care Dentistry pride themselves in. Every child is different, but the goal is always the same. We want to see every child have optimal dental health so they can show off their beautiful smiles. There’s nothing more wonderful than a child’s joy.

Dentures are an artificial replacement for missing teeth and the surrounding tissue. These removable restoration teeth are designed to look completely natural, and in some cases, can even improve your smile! Dental false teeth are available in two forms: Partial or Complete dentures. Partial dentures are customized to patients who have natural teeth remaining in the upper or lower jaw. Complete dentures give a natural smile to a someone who has lost all their teeth.

A Dental implant is a restoration procedure to a single tooth missing from one’s smile. An oral surgeon positions a metal post into the jaw, then replacement tooth is attached. This is a long-term solution to keep teeth from shifting or to provide a perfect smile.

Teeth whitening is a popular cosmetic procedure. Pro Care Dentistry can provide this service to enhance the appearance of stained or discolored teeth. This is a painless treatment that dramatically changes the aesthetic of one’s smile.

A root canal specialist at Pro Care Dentistry can repair damage to your teeth. A root canal is specifically damage that has reached the pulp (or gums) of your mouth. This can cause patients tremendous pain, as the cavity has reached a nerve. Signs of this damage include sensitivity to hot or cold foods, or a sharp pain while eating or applying pressure. Regular cleaning’s and check-ups can prevent this problem, but in any stage of damage, there is a health care professional to help.

Cosmetic dental surgery is a process to repair a patient’s smile for appearance and function. Cosmetic dentistry can allow patient’s more comfort, stability and brilliance. Procedures range from tooth whitening to Veneers. No matter the process, Pro Care Dentistry provides a solution catered to you!

This dental procedure involves placing a covering over a visible tooth. Because they are usually a cosmetic practice, Veneers are recommended for teeth that are visible while smiling or speaking. A replacement tooth is bonded to a patient’s permanent tooth after an impression is taken. This ensures a personalized smile for every patient at Pro Care Dentistry.

A dentist promotes healthy teeth and gums. So, when a patient’s gums aren’t healthy, they jeopardize the foundation of your whole mouth. Indicators of unhealthy gums include easily bleeding gums, persistently bad breath, loose teeth, or changes in a patient’s bite. Gum tissue can be restored with our treatment, but preventative health is always recommended. Gum cleanings and flossing can help keep gums from getting infected.

A dentist orthodontist specializes in the process of straightening teeth. Otherwise known as braces, this procedure can realign a patient’s bite which improves dental health. Your teeth and jaw can be affected by its very shape, and may make it harder to clean certain teeth or have your teeth sit comfortably. Braces have various benefits, from cosmetic purposes for a brilliant smile, to major readjustments of the oral foundation.

We at Pro Care Dentistry hold our surgeons to the highest standard. Our patient’s overall oral health is always our top priority, and our specialists treat every solution with care. Everyone deserves a great dental experience. Our oral surgeons will give you the best results for your perfect smile.

At Pro Care Dentistry, you’re more than just a patient, you’re family. Contact us today for a consultation.

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