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With two wonderful dentist offices South Florida, ProCare Dentistry is a family practice designed to appeal to clients of all ages and demographics. Our services are all encompassing in nature, including everything from braces to crown repairs. Because of our unbeatable customer service and reasonable prices, our competition is simply unable to compete. We are proud to service the Tequesta, Florida area. So give us a call at our dental office, and we will take care of all your dental needs.


It is crucial to a child’s development that the importance of oral hygiene is impressed upon them at a young age. If they start their lives off with bad, neglectful habits about keeping their teeth clean and healthy then their permanent teeth will inevitably become damaged as well. ProCare Dentistry has some of the best child dentists in the state on site, keeping our youngest clients healthy and happy, while making sure they understand the consequences of treating their oral health too casually. We take a lot of pride in being one of the top go to kids dentists in South Florida.


It is generally recommended that at least every 6 months, you should receive a dental checkup, making sure that no serious problems have developed since your last trip to the dentist. It is easy for most people to miss simple things like a cavity or gingivitis, and if these problems are not addressed, they can become a serious issue with their oral health. At ProCare Dentistry, we ensure that our patients stay on top of problems like these, keeping their teeth clean and undamaged as much as possible.


For those who neglect their dental hygiene or experience trauma to their mouth and teeth, sometimes the only option available is to receive a tooth implant. Simply leaving the broken and missing teeth alone is not an option, often leaving witnesses unnerved by the sight of your smile. ProCare Dentistry offers a variety of teeth implanting services, from a single false tooth to an entire set of dentures, all for an affordable price.


When your teeth are suffering from a deep-set infection, there is only one course of treatment that your dentist can recommend. A root canal specialist will have to take over in order to make sure that your nerves are not damaged beyond repair, and you don’t lose the infected teeth. At ProCare Dentistry, our root canal doctor will take you through the process of getting a root canal, performing the surgery at a price you can afford.


Many people see cosmetic dental surgery as an unnecessary luxury and a waste of time. While the term cosmetic implies a level of frivolousness, the surgery is about more than just making sure the patients have a nice smile. It can involve the repair of damage to your teeth that is not only unsightly but has negative effects on your oral hygiene and health. ProCare Dentistry specializes in cosmetic dental surgery, making sure you aren’t embarrassed to smile in public or having trouble eating with broken teeth.


The process of getting braces is typically time consuming and prohibitively expensive, making it difficult for parents to find a dentist orthodontist they can afford to send their child to. When not done properly, the newly installed braces can cause anything from mild irritation of the gums and lips to serious oral injury. At ProCare Dentistry, our orthodontic services are second to none in customer service and quality, and for a reasonable price nearly everyone can afford.

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