Everything You Need To Know About Braces

Everything You Need to Know About Braces

What are Dental Braces? Braces in dentistry is a term that refers to the devices used to align teeth. They help push misplaced teeth to their correct positions. Braces can be worn by people of all ages and are a popular way to improve dental health and looks.

Before you get braces it’s important that you understand how they work as well as their benefits. It will help you know what to expect before and after they’re placed on your teeth. To prepare you mentally, here is everything you need to know about braces.

The Components of Braces
The braces your orthodontic specialist places on your teeth consist of the following.
• Wires that cause the teeth to move to the required positions slowly
• Brackets to hold the wires in place

Benefits of Braces
Apart from allowing you a beautiful smile, other benefits of braces include the following;
• Prevent cases of tooth decay and cavities by enabling proper brushing
• Help prevent gum disease
• Prevent injuries caused by protruding or poorly positioned teeth
• Help improve digestion by allowing adequate chewing of food
• Help boost self-esteem by having correctly aligned teeth
• Help prevent jaw pain caused by poorly placed teeth
• Help to make eating food more comfortable
• Help to improve the quality of speech

Coping with The Pain Caused by Braces
Braces can cause mild pain and discomfort. The pain is attributed to the change in the flow of blood as a result of the pressure they exert on your teeth. It could also be caused by the physical abrasiveness of the braces on the soft tissues in your mouth.

In many cases, the discomfort goes away or reduces within a few days. It happens as you get used to having the braces in your mouth. If it doesn’t, you may take pain relievers. There are several over the counter products for this which include tablets, capsules, and topical pain-relieving products.

You may also try pain-preventing measures such as eating soft foods and using a brush with soft bristles. You would also benefit to wear a mouth guard during sports or when in environments where your mouth risks being hit.
If the pain lingers or becomes too much to bear, you may need to talk to your dentist immediately so they can advise on what to do.

Brushing Your Teeth When You Have Braces on Them
You will need to clean your braced teeth more often than you did before and for longer. It may be a challenge, but essential. Food particles will often get lodged in the braces and give rise to bacteria that can be harmful to your oral health.

How to Ensure the Braces are Clean Always
Ensure that you brush as required, with the right toothpaste, mouth rinse, and brush. Your orthodontist may recommend a specific toothbrush. You can even ask for their advice on the products to use on teeth with braces. Keep in mind that you will need to brush for longer. Also, ensure that you brush after every meal since food particles get stuck on braces easily.

If you’re looking for an orthodontic professional to correct your teeth using braces, contact us today. At ProCare Dentistry, we believe in offering complete and highly professional oral health care to all our customers. We will help align your teeth and follow up till the last minute. Call us now to book your appointment and start the journey toward a beautiful smile at (561) 737-5530.

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