General Dentistry 

The general health of your mouth is very important. At ProCare Dentistry, we are responsible for ensuring that the required oral health of all of our patients is attained and maintained. General dentistry includes diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of varying conditions, disorders or diseases occurring at the oral cavity. All of your oral health needs are met here at ProCare Dentistry.

At ProCare Dentistry, we offer a full scope of dental services to provide each of our patients with the tools and resources needed to maintain the health or their gums and teeth.

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Our General Dentistry services include:

Dental Exam

A dental examination is recommended for all patients every 6 months to ensure proper dental health. A simple dental checkup and X-ray can keep your patient records up to date, and will allow our healthcare professionals to prevent damage at the earliest signs of decay. Our dentists will advocate for optimum oral hygiene with a dental plan that is personalized to you. A dental exam can save you time and money; focusing on preventative care is the easiest way to keep your teeth and gums healthy!

Dental Hygiene

Brushing and flossing regularly are among several things that you should do to maintain your oral health. Dentists are able to reach for the hard to reach oral places that patients accidentally miss while cleaning their teeth at home. That is why it’s important to maintain your dental hygiene. Regular appointments at ProCare Dentistry should not be missed. Oral conditions in the early stages of infection can be identified early enough if the appointments are done regularly.

 Root canals; a therapeutic approach

Therapy is recommended when a root canal is infected. Routine checkups can identify an infection early so a patient can receive the necessary treatment immediately. An infection occurring in a tooth’s pulp is dangerous and can lead to the formation of abscess. This would require extra attention and that is why therapy needs to be administered as soon as possible.


Dentures are recommended teeth replacements that you can opt for after losing your teeth. They are available as either full or partial dentures. Full dentures replace all your teeth in the upper and/or lower part of your mouth while partial dentures replace one or more teeth. Dental examinations are important for people wearing dentures and should be done regularly by the general dentist. The dentures may require servicing, replacement or realignment from time to time.

Removal of the wisdom teeth & extractions

The removal of the wisdom teeth may prove important during later development. The teeth often erupt last from the gums and may interfere with the jaw’s structure and the surrounding teeth. This initiates discomforts and pain. The crowding caused may also leave a patient susceptible to infections or decay. If any of the above situations arises, the removal of the wisdom teeth is highly recommended. Here at Pro Care Dentistry, our general dentist can help with the removal. 


Filling teeth cavities and cracks is important for the foundation of your teeth. Fillings stifle damage and disallow further contamination in your mouth. However, at certain stages of decay a more aggressive treatment might be best. A dentist is the right person to assess damage. After examinations, the dentist can fill the teeth or advise the patient on treatment.

Other Dental services

Other services offered include gum disease treatments, complete examinations, minor orthodontics and implants placement. If any oral symptoms appear (like pain and sensitivity in your teeth), you should seek services from our dentists. At Pro Care Dentistry, there is no oral condition that is too challenging for us to conquer.