How To Tell You Have A Cavity

Oral hygiene is essential to keep your teeth in good health and function properly. Teeth if not carefully taken care of they can develop decay; this decay is referred to as cavity which leads to the formation of small holes on your teeth. Cavities are common in children, but even adults can be vulnerable to this disorder. If the condition is left untreated for too long, it may lead to tooth loss, infection, gum problems, and toothache. Usually, when the cavities are starting to form, they seem easy and painless though over time the situation gets worse.

These are some of the common signs that you have cavities at an early stage;

1. Tooth Pain
This is the first sign of suffering from tooth cavity as it is the obvious one. This starts with feeling tense pain when chewing your food. In some extreme cases of the cavity, the pain can be felt even when you are not eating your food or chewing anything at all. You should consider making an appointment at ProCare Dentistry once you start experiencing pain in your teeth.

2. Tooth sensitivity
When your teeth start to develop sensitivity when you take in cold or hot, drinks or food; you should inquire and get toothpaste that will help you to deal with the sensitivity. If the problem does not ease off after multiple uses, you should go and visit ProCare Dentistry to establish whether your teeth have started to develop cavity for early treatment.

3. Bad Breath
Most people always ignore regular teeth brushing. Teeth brushing should be done after every meal. Not brushing your cavities and teeth causes bad breath. Food remains in the cavities can give you a funky breath since the particles will rot after staying there for a long time. The tongue is also one of the bacteria breeding places. You should always brush your tongue when brushing your teeth to get away the bacteria in your mouth. Consider making an appointment with ProCare Dentistry if you still notice bad breath after even with regular tongue and teeth brushing.

4. Dark Spots
If you see dark spots on your teeth, you should consider booking an appointment with a dentist immediately. When cavities are left for long without treatment, they begin to become visible. They appear dark in certain places of your teeth.

5. Holes in your teeth
Sometimes you may be able to feel the holes in your teeth with your tongue. If the hole is located in a visible area, you can easily see them. Holes in your teeth are a sure sign of a cavity. You need to see your dentist at once to have these filled.

Cavities should be treated immediately before the condition worsens. If you have any of the signs and symptoms mentioned contact us at ProCare Dentistry immediately. Knowing how to tell if you have a cavity and getting treatment early can save you a lot of money and pain. These are some of the signs to show you have cavities.

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