Oral Surgery

There are different dental diseases that harm a patient’s teeth and gums. Sometimes treatment includes oral surgery to achieve a healthy and beautiful smile. At ProCare Dentistry, we treat problems related to the hard and soft tissues of the face, mouth, and jaws. We can repair and restore teeth, gums, jaws, neck and facial structure. Maxillofacial surgery is a popular procedure for those experiencing dental diseases or defects. It can help with accidental tooth loss and smile restoration as well!

There are many benefits of oral surgery but the most important is the restoration of oral health. Problematic teeth can be treated through the surgery to maintain a healthy routine. Restorative surgery removes the infected or damaged teeth, and prevents further problems because of it! This can include tooth removal, alleviating tooth pain, healing gum issues and preventing further deterioration.

If you are facing problems like bone deterioration, oral disease or any other issues with your teeth and gums then you may be eligible for surgery. This includes wisdom teeth removal, corrective jaw surgery, cleft lip palate treatment, cancer treatment, dental implants and more.

Other benefits of oral surgery include long term tooth replacement. This stable solution for tooth loss and decay will help you replace entire teeth to keep your smile bright. Surgery can prevent significant damages like jawbone deterioration. The surgery promotes bone grafting, in which the problem cannot advance to a further stage. This surgery can include adding some bone when one has lost a tooth due to bone loss and it can add support to the dental implants.

Bone grafting is a procedure where a small bone is removed from one part of the mouth so that it can be added to an area where bone loss is experienced.

At ProCare Dentistry we will come up with a solution catered to your needs! Call us today to see what makes us your BEST choice for all of your family’s dental needs.