What Does Your Tongue Say About Your Dental Health?

Achieving complete dental health means keeping up with oral hygiene that cares for not only your teeth and gums but also your tongue. Your tongue can provide clues that your overall dental health is in need of immediate help and here are some conditions you will want to pay attention to.

The Hairy Black Tongue
If you open up your mouth and find you have a hairy black tongue this indicates there is a buildup of dead skin cells and an overgrowth of bacteria and yeast in your mouth. Sometimes it is caused by being a smoker and using chewing tobacco. The only way to rid the condition is to keep up with proper oral hygiene that involves brushing and flossing your teeth daily, regular tongue scraping and oral rinsing at least twice a day.

The Bright Ruby Red Tongue
The bright ruby red tongue indicates you have a vitamin deficiency in vitamin B-12, and sometimes it means you’re low in iron. Another reason a ruby red tongue occurs is that you have a high fever, drank something with deeply colored red dye, or are dealing with an oral infection. The only way to diagnose an oral infection properly is to visit a dentist or doctor.

Thick White Coating with White Stripes on Tongue
When you open up your mouth and see a thick white coating and sometimes with white stripes it indicates you have oral lichen planus. This occurs when the immune system of your body attacks the healthy cells within your body. Eating a well-balanced diet that supports the immune system can go a long way to keeping this oral issue away. Practicing good oral hygiene can help rid bad breath and heavy white coating that occurs on the tongue until you are able to achieve a healthier immune system.

Red or White Bumpy Sores
One of the most common oral problems people face is having red or white bumpy sores on the tongue that cause a lot of pain and can lead to oral bleeding, stinging, burning and bad breath. Sores in the mouth can be related to a herpes virus, canker sores, or blistering from drinking a beverage or eating food that was too hot. Sometimes red or white bumps on the tongue are nothing to worry about and are caused by your tastebuds becoming worn down from eating too often.

Large White Patches
It’s time to bring out the antifungal medication if you spot large white patches on the tongue. That is because a fungus known as candida has become overgrown in your mouth and body. This type of growth can cause dry mouth, stinky breath, soreness and itching and thick white coatings of yeast. The only way to rid this infection is with antifungal medication designed to kill the fungus, which you can get at your family dentist.

If you can not determine what is going on with your tongue healthwise it is time to call ProCare Dentistry and get diagnosed and treated properly. Remember, keeping your teeth and gums healthy isn’t enough for keeping your overall mouth healthy. You have to pay attention and care for your tongue since it provides clues to your overall oral and physical health and wellbeing.

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