What Is A Dental Crown?

From time to time many people have fixations of their crowns even though the procedures are not well comprehended. In as much as they entail simple and common procedures, some people are frightened to fix crown since it is believed to be frightening. What people don’t know is that what it comes to crowns, you shouldn’t be scared of them and its procedure isn’t as intimidating as people put in. Just like any other parts involving dental, dental crowns are vital and they perform important functions when it comes to the health of the mouth.

Dental crowns – What are they?
Dental crowns are procedures done to replace a tooth that has been damaged to its initial shape and size. They are fixed permanently on the broken, decayed, cracked or damaged tooth. Sometimes crowns can be prolonged on to the root surface of the tooth: crowns then replace the outer aspect of the crown of the original tooth which makes it have the name crown.

When the crowns are fully fixed, they replace and encase the broken, decayed, cracked or damaged tooth that is just above the gum line. Crowns are usually custom made in order to fit each tooth. They can be made from different forms of materials which include metal, gold, or ceramics.

When should you use dental crowns?
Dental crowns can be installed to serve important and different functions. Usually, dental crowns restore broken tooth, prevent the breakage of a cracked tooth, support tooth with large fillings and protect the weak tooth in the mouth. Other variations of the crowns are used in holding dental bridges in position. When a tooth is broken, decayed, cracked or damaged, crowns tend to be the most effective solution for the problem. Installing dental crowns restores the shape and appearance of the damaged tooth. They are always fixed to look like the real teeth, therefore, they can’t stand out other teeth in the mouth.

How dental crowns work?
Dental crowns fit on top of the tooth and protect what is beneath it. Upon installation, they are cemented immediately they are fixed which the acts as the new tooth as it prevents the damages tooth from breaking completely. The crowns are made in a way they can stand the agony of chewing just like the rest of the teeth. When a crown is cemented on the damaged tooth, it then becomes part of your tooth.

How dental crowns are installed?
For a start, the dentist applies anesthetic in order to numb the tooth where the crown is to be fixed and the gum that surrounds it. They then remove the outer surface of the tooth using a drill and an abrasive which creates space for the crown. The dentist uses dental impression taste to make dental impression of the tooth which is taken to the dental lab to make the crown. The dentist uses cement to fix the crown to the tooth when it cures, the crown is then attached to the tooth.

How do dental crowns help?
Dental crowns helps in shaping, strengthening and improving the appearance of the damaged tooth. Fixing a crown helps you to be able to use your tooth again less risking to damage the tooth beneath it. Crowns restore and maintains the integral structure of your mouth. They physically hold the tooth together and protects it from being damaged.

What people should know is that dental crown doesn’t solve all the problems that teeth may be experiencing. It is then advised that you consult a dentist to identify your problem before running for a dental crown restoration. Better still, don’t you shouldn’t put up with tooth pain because it causes a lot of discomfort.

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