What You Need To Know About Bleeding Gums

prevent bleeding gums

Are bleeding gums causing you concerns? If yes you are not alone. Research estimates that over 90% of Americans have experienced a bleeding gum at one point in their lives. But just because bleeding gums are a common phenomenon, it doesn’t mean it is something that you should ignore.

If not well tended to bleeding gums can cause serious problems to an individual. Gums don’t just start to bleed out of nowhere; they may be an indication of serious complication within the body. Any sign of a bleeding gum should be taken seriously.

What does it mean to you?
Whenever your gums start to bleed they should not be taken for granted, why? Because is not normal for gums to bleed. Bleeding gums may be a sign that your gums are not well taken care of. While it may cause some concern you should take the right measure to ensure that the problem is solved. This will prevent any progression that may be disastrous on your teeth.

Bleeding gums could be a sign that indicates that you are suffering from oral diseases such as gingivitis and many other complications. Some other signs for bad oral health include bad breath, tooth pain, and receding gums.

Bleeding gums cause and effect
All bleeding gums are mostly a result of gingivitis, a mild form of teeth disease or its serious form the periodontal disease. Both of the two diseases are caused by bacterial infection in the mouth that is left unattended. If you are experiencing this problem you should first eliminate chances of bacteria surviving in your mouth. This could be achieved by practicing good oral hygiene.

If you don’t have bacterial infections but stills suffer from bleeding gums don’t ignore the problem. The bleeding gums could be a sign of serious body complications like bleeding disorders, vitamin K deficiency, could be a sign of leukemia, scurvy, hormonal change or the use of blood thinners. If you notice such changes in your body it good to consult with a physician to determine the cause.

Treatment: how to stop bleeding gums
Oral complications usually revolve around oral hygiene, and bleeding gums are no exception. If you want to get rid of bleeding gums or any form of complications first you start practicing better hygiene. Oral hygiene is key to removing any plaque or bacterial infection in the body. How do you go about it?

Brush and floss each and every day. Don’t rush through your flossing or brushing, take your time and be sure to not only brush the teeth but also the tongue and the gums place where the bacteria like dwelling. You may choose to use a tongue scraper or a toothbrush to do the brushing.

Maintain a healthy lifestyle. Things like sugary foods, smoking and drinking irresponsibly contribute to poor oral hygiene. To be on the safe side start practicing and maintaining good lifestyle free of smoking, irresponsible drinking and taking a balanced diet to supplement your body with the required body nutrients.

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