What You Need To Know About Cavity Fillings

When it comes to a cavity filling, it is essential to know that you have the right to make the final decision, after a consultation with the dentist. That’s you need to understand everything involving during this process to ensure the safety. In this guide, we’ll show you what you need to know about cavity fillings.

What is a cavity filling?
A cavity filling is a method to restore a damaged tooth by decay to the normal shape and function. When dentists give you a filling, they first need to remove the decayed material, clean the affected tooth, and then fill the cavity with your selected filling material. By closing off space where bacteria would penetrate, this method can help prevent further damage to your teeth.

Why do we need a cavity filling?
If food plaque and particles remain in direct contact with our teeth for an extended period of time because of the nature of foods like sweet or sticky or improper brushing, then the accumulated bacteria might cause acid and toxins release. As a result, it will dissolve the enamel on the top of your teeth and make it discolored. Over time, it turns into yellow, brow, and then dark and becomes a cavity. The application of a cavity filling will prevent the issue from causing more serious damage to your teeth.

When do we need to replace a cavity filling?
A tooth filling might last for years before you need a new replacement. However, it can wear out quickly, depending on the frequency of chewing. If you grind or clench your teeth, you might have to replace your tooth filling sooner. If you feel signs of wear such as worn areas or cracks on your fillings, immediately visit a dentist to have it replaced. Keep chewing with a damaged filling might lead to cracks and cost you more money to repair.

Types of cavity filling
There are many types of cavity filling, which are different in color, material, and size:

– Amalgam filling
This material is the most common and least expensive type of cavity filling and has been used in the dentistry for nearly 100 years. It is strong and great for filling a cavity in the back of your mouth. Amalgam fillings are made of several metallic components, making it noticeable as you smile or laugh.

– Composite filling
The composite filling is a combination of quartz and glass to match your teeth’s color. This type of material is quite durable and great for small restorations in chewing teeth.

– Ceramic filling
A ceramic filling is typically tooth-colored porcelain. Compared to composite filling, this type might show some stains on your tooth over time. As for the price, it is as costly as a gold filling.

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