What You Should Know About Teeth Whitening

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Having teeth that are discolored or stained can affect the way you feel about your looks, especially when you talk or smile to other people. The issue can also affect other areas of your lives that include personal and work relationships.

The good news is teeth whitening can enhance your smile and improve your self-confidence. What you should know about teeth whitening also referred as teeth bleaching is a process that aims to make the teeth look shiny and white.

This procedure can be performed by an experienced professional at ProCare Dentistry. What are the common causes of stained or discolored teeth? For you to choose a teeth whitening method that works for your teeth, it is essential to know why your teeth are discolored or stained. In most cases, tea, coffee, acidic beverages and red wine causes discoloring of teeth. Smoking or tobacco products can also stain your teeth. Other known causes of teeth stains are certain types of antibiotics or an injury that can damage some teeth.

Some people have stained teeth due to their age. This happen as the tooth enamel wear away with time making a yellowish interior of the tooth visible. It is also important to note that some teeth whitening options are not as useful as other alternatives.

So, what are the different types of teeth whitening treatments including over-the-counter products that you can quickly get in many local pharmacies and various professional treatments? The over-the-counter options include toothpaste and whitening strips. Even though most over-the-counter are useful, they contain some bleaching elements thus they are not as effective as professional whitening options.

Professional teeth whitening treatments such as take-home treatments and in-office treatments are very useful. In-office procedure is a process of applying a whitening agent to the teeth. The take-home option involves using some kits that has a whitening tray and a bleaching agent.

To get the best results the most recommended is in-office treatment. Who are the candidates for teeth whitening? Surprisingly, not every individual with discolored or stained teeth is a good candidate for teeth-whitening options. Teeth whitening works well and more efficiently on mid-stains, and it might not work if your teeth have been discolored due to antibiotic use.

Teeth whitening is more effective at removing discolorations and stains that are brown or yellowish. For severe stains, the best option is in-office treatments instead of over-the-counter products or take-home kits. It is also vital to note that teeth whitening products are not used to change the color of cosmetic procedures that include crowns, veneers or artificial teeth. The effects of teeth-whitening may last several months, but it depends on the lifestyle of an individual. Avoid heavy coffee, tea and smoking.

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