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What’s The Difference Between Cold Sores And Canker Sores

The difference between cold sores and canker sores often get confused, however, the two have no relationship and are very different.

Canker sore
A canker sore is a bacterial infection in the form of an ulcer that affects the inside of the mouth. They usually appear on the tongue or on the lower part of the gums. Ulcers of the mouth are not contagious however, it seems that almost everyone has them from time to time. They can make feeding very painful and annoying. However, do not worry, these little devils usually disappear in 1-2 weeks. By often using alcohol in your mouth, you will reduce the longevity of your ulcer. If the mouth ulcer lasts more than two weeks, consult your doctor.

Cold sores
Cold sores are also called a fever blister, is a viral infection sometimes caused by the herpes virus. You can not have cold pain in your mouth like a canker sore. Up to 90% of the population has been exposed to the virus. Why do most people have cold sores? Well, it’s simply because it’s extremely infectious and easy to contact. You can contract herpes by doing everyday things, like sharing a drink with your friend who has a cold sore.

Both sores show up on the lips or nose and ulcer inside the mouth. Both are excruciating and infectious when there is a functioning contamination. A blister is uneasy, ugly, and patients are regularly humiliated to be open until the point that they recuperate.

What Causes Sores in the Mouth?

There are four main sources of painful sores in the mouth, some accidental, some accidental and then derived from personal habits:

A sharp or broken tooth can cause tearing of the tissues of the mouth. It is also possible that poorly fitting dentures create tears. For prostheses that seem to cause untreated wounds, ask your specialist if he can improve the surface of the teeth.

If you chew tobacco, you are more likely to develop sores. The chemicals in these products can cause abrasions and infections of the gums and cheek. As a result, it is better to avoid the consumption of tobacco products.

The brakes can sometimes pinch the inside of the mouth, creating open wounds. Your dentist or orthodontist can offer you solutions, such as improving the function or design of your brakes.

Some blister-like wounds can also result from eating hot foods. Check the temperature of drinks or hot foods before eating them or avoid them completely if you have them often.

At ProCare Dentistry, we can help you identify the cause and any other underlying problem. For the simplest irritations, the tips above can solve your discomfort. If not, consider some of the more complex causes below.

Regardless of the type of canker sore, you can talk to us at ProCare Dentistry to make sure you isolate the exact cause. In addition to identifying how it started, it can help you understand your cure and the steps you can take to avoid recurrence.

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