Why People Grind Their Teeth

Bruxism is grinding of the teeth and clenching of the teeth that can injure them, wear them down, and also cause damage to the TMJ, or temporal mandibular joints. In some cases, it may not require treatment. But usually, if it is not treated, it can cause a host of conditions, ranging from jaw disorders to headaches and damaged teeth.

Teeth grinding can produce some severe conditions, especially in women because the average woman’s jaw is weaker. The average man who clenches or grinds his teeth at night, called sleep bruxism, or clenches them in the day, destroys his teeth and wearing them down.

Usually, however, women who grind their teeth end up with more than just destroyed teeth. They get migraine headaches, pain in the jaw, lockjaw, grating or grinding sounds when opening or closing their mouths. That can lead to an entire imbalance of the neurology of the brain, which can affect many parts of a person’s life and their ability to function.

There are many reasons why people grind their teeth. Medical examinations are not unanimous on a single cause and it seems that there is a mix of factors that can lead to this habit. Bruxism is the technical term that refers to teeth grinding and pressing. There are many people who clench their teeth and crunch, but they never feel the symptoms. Below are some of the factors that are often cited as some of the causes of this condition.

If you are under constant stress and tension, you are susceptible to bruxism. It can help to reduce the daily stress and to learn some relaxation techniques. You may want to sign up for a stress management program. The reason people grind their teeth is a complicated mixture of factors such as stress, how tight and how long you are, how you relax, posture, diet, sleep habits, and other factors. Every person is distinct and so are the causes and symptoms. The symptoms of teeth grinding and squeezing may include teeth grinding, painful jaws, headaches, earache, anxiety, stress, and tension. Symptoms can include insomnia, depression and eating disorders.

Teeth grinding and squeezing as a rule center around easing torment and averting tooth harm. To mend bruxism, you should wipe out and wipe out the reason and change your conduct however much as could be expected. Specialists suggest that you loosen up your face and jaw muscles for the duration of the day and attempt to make facial unwinding a propensity. Kneading the muscles of the shoulders, neck, and face can likewise help. A physical specialist can enable you to get the hang of extending practices to reproduce a run of the mill equalization of development of the joints and muscles on each side of your head. Cures like applying ice or moist warmth to agonizing jaw muscles likewise have advantageous impacts.

Experts recommend drinking a lot of water each day and rest soundly. If your teeth grinding is caused by pressure then it’s your best interest to look for solutions to reduce it. Stress decrease and strain administration can diminish or take out bruxism. To abstain from harming the teeth, mouth gatekeepers might be suggested.

The teeth-grinding treatment may require surgery. But normally, all that is needed is for an individual to wear a night watchman to prevent it from happening.

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