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How dyes target plaque to brush away

Often used as a training tool for children to brush effectively, dyes that highlight plaque buildup—or biofilm—have become more mainstream as effective delivery methods are incorporated into normal dental hygiene products. Originally in the form of a tablet, this temporary dye now can be found in specialized toothpaste & mouthwash.

Orthodontics Can Help Your Speech & Your Smile

Most of the time when orthodontics come up, it’s about straightening teeth. But straighter teeth aren’t just a cosmetic benefit, nor are they the only thing orthodontic treatment can do for you.

Girl who lost a baby tooth

The Magical Origin of the Tooth Fairy

Many children today look forward to losing their teeth & the subsequent visit from the Tooth Fairy, who brings money or small gifts in exchange for the lost tooth. Although the Tooth Fairy as we know it isn’t a very old tradition, there have been a variety of legends & myths throughout history relating to the loss of teeth.

Basic Smile? It’s a Good Thing

We’ve heard of the corrosive potential of acidic foods on enamel. There are hundreds of articles warning of the dangers of eating too much candy, soda & even healthier foods like fruit without brushing. Hundreds to say the least. But what about alkaline foods? Also known as basic foods, these foods also interact with your…

Counterproductive Brushing Habits & Fixes

If you brush your teeth at least twice a day, you’re doing great. Regular brushing is the key to preventing tooth pain & expensive procedures. But incorrect brushing can harm your smile. Below are a couple of issues that may be harming your teeth, all while you thought you were doing them good.

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